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CareActive jogging jumpsuit Suprima

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The suprima jogging jumpsuit is particularly suitable for patients with dementia or the mentally disabled who suffer from incontinence but want to be physically active. The jumpsuit cannot be visually distinguished from ordinary sportswear. Access to the diaper or incontinence material is prevented, thanks to a practical zip on the back. This makes putting on and taking off the jumpsuit easier because it does not have to be pulled over the patient’s head. The shirt and trousers are fixed together, preventing patients from undressing themselves. There are real pockets at the front of the trouser legs. The soft and skin-friendly material ensures maximum wearing comfort during activities as well as at rest.

  • Looks like ordinary clothing
  • Complete care function, thanks to zip on the back
  • Patients cannot undress themselves and therefore cannot access diaper/incontinence material
  • Shirt and trousers are fixed together
  • Real pockets




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